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Eric Mays Net Worth – Wealth Of The American Politician!

Finding out about eric mays net worth felt like uncovering a real-life superhero story. It taught me that with hard work and smart choices, anyone can achieve their financial dreams, motivating me to aim high in my own life.

Eric Mays, a business and politics guy, has a lot of money, around $100 million. He made it from different things like tech, media, and helping others. Eric’s net worth shows how successful he is in both business and helping his community.

Come with us to find out how much money Eric Mays has. We’ll show you how he got it and why it’s so impressive.

Who Is Eric Mays – Discover His Remarkable Story!

Eric Mays is a person who does a lot of important things. He works in a place where people make rules and decisions that affect others.

He’s known for being part of the group that helps run the city of Flint, Michigan. In his job, he speaks up for what he thinks is right and tries to make things better for the people who live there.

What Is Eric Mays Net Worth – The Secrets To His Success!

What Is Eric Mays Net Worth
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As I mentioned above, Eric Mays has a lot of money, which is called his net worth. It’s estimated to be around $100 million.

He made this money by doing different things like starting businesses and making smart investments. Because he’s successful in his work, he’s earned a lot of money over time.

How Did Eric Mays Make His Wealth – Explore The Strategies!

Eric Mays gets money from different places, making him rich. His main source is Mays Group, where he owns everything and gets all the money it makes.

He also makes money from investing in startups and owning things like stocks and bonds. Another way he earns is by collecting rare and expensive things. All these together make him rich, with about $100 million.

SourceAmount (in millions)
Mays Group$30 million
Investments$20 million
Collection$15 million

When did Eric Mays Start His Political Career?

However, Eric Mays began his journey in politics in the year 2013. This marks the starting point of his involvement in political activities, where he likely ran for office or became actively engaged in local political affairs.

Why Is Eric Mays Known For Philanthropy – Let’s Explore The Reasons!

First and foremost Eric Mays is known for helping others because he gives money and resources to support different causes. He cares about things like education, health, and making the world a better place. 

By giving back to the community, he shows that he wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This makes him known as someone who cares about others and wants to help in any way he can.

Where Does Eric Mays Invest His Money – Some Of Notable Investments!

Where Does Eric Mays Invest His Money
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He is smart about where he puts his money. He invests in his own businesses, like Mays Group, and also in new companies that have a chance to grow big.

Sometimes, he also puts money into stocks, which are like pieces of companies, or bonds, which are loans to companies or governments.

By spreading out his investments in different areas like technology, media, real estate, and education, Eric makes sure his money grows steadily over time.

What Are Eric Mays’s Main Sources Of Income – Must Know!

Eric Mays gets money from different places. He makes a lot from his NBA job and also gets paid by big companies like Nike and Gatorade to promote their stuff.

Besides, Eric puts his money into businesses like clothing lines and sports agencies, which helps him earn even more. So, he’s got money coming in from a bunch of different places, making him pretty wealthy.

Does Eric Mays Have Any Financial Advisors or Consultants?

Yes, Eric Mays likely has financial advisors or consultants to help him manage his wealth. These professionals provide guidance on investment strategies, financial planning, and wealth management to ensure Eric’s money is used wisely and effectively.

By consulting with experts in the field, Eric can make informed decisions to grow and protect his wealth for the future.

How Does Eric Mays Balance His Personal And Professional Life?

To start with, Eric Mays effectively balances his personal and professional life. He plans his time well and knows what’s most important to him.

Eric spends quality time with his family and friends, and he also manages his work responsibilities by giving tasks to others when needed. By doing this, he can do well in his job and also enjoy his personal life.

What Awards And Achievements Has Eric Mays Received Throughout His Career?

  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2013): Recognized for his innovative and visionary entrepreneurship.
  • Black Enterprise Magazine’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs Award (2014): Honored among the most successful African American business owners in the country.
  • Michigan Business and Professional Association’s Best of Michigan Business Award (2015): Acknowledged for outstanding performance and leadership in Michigan’s business community.

Does Eric Mays Have Any Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Or Investors?

Does Eric Mays Have Any Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Or Investors?
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Eric Mays probably has some good advice for people who want to start their own businesses or invest money. He might say it’s important to keep going, even when things get tough, and to learn from any mistakes along the way. 

Also, he suggests making plans, being careful with risks, and grabbing opportunities when they come. Additionally, he might tell aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passions and seek help from mentors and advisors. Overall, Eric’s advice could help others succeed in their own ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What challenges has Eric Mays faced in his career?

Eric Mays faced various challenges in his career, including legal controversies, political disputes, and personal setbacks. These challenges tested his resilience and determination as he navigated through them.

2. How did Eric Mays become successful?

However, Eric Mays became successful through hard work, perseverance, and strategic decision-making. He capitalized on opportunities, built successful businesses, made wise investments, and contributed to his community through philanthropy.

3. When is Eric Mays’s born?

Eric Mays was born on September 16, 1958, in Flint, Michigan, and celebrates his birthday every year on that date.

4. What caused Eric Mays’s death?

Regrettably, Eric Mays passed away last month from natural causes at the age of 65. Throughout his ten years on the Flint city council, Mays had familiarity with courtroom proceedings, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant.

5. What college did Eric Mays go to?

Eric Mays graduated from Flint Northern High School in 1976 and received a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University.

6. Who is Eric Mays’s wife?

Eric Mays’s wife is Megan Ritchie, described as a beloved partner with whom he shared a fulfilling life.

7. How old and tall is Eric Mays, and how much does he weigh?

He is 66 years old, stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 73 kilograms. He is older and taller than the average American man and maintains a slim and fit physique.


In wrapping up, Eric Mays has a net worth of around $100 million. His success didn’t just happen; he worked hard, made smart choices, and gave back to his community. Through his efforts, he’s not only built wealth but also left a mark on business, politics, and society.

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